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Supporting our clients in the transition to a low carbon future.

The world is looking to renewable energy to combat climate change and SQS have increased their database of inspectors with experience in this sector. Included in this experience is wind projects (see offshore renewables), Solar Projects, CCUS & CCS, Geothermal, Green & Blue Hydro, Hydroelectric and Biomass Projects.

One of our latest exciting waste to energy projects is completing inspection work on the Lostock sustainable energy plant. It will recover energy cleanly and safely from approximately 600,000 tonnes of residual waste.

SQS has vast experience in CCUS & CCS so we will be invaluable to our clients through the transition

SQS became the Inspection and Expediting company of choice for a UK based project, building a demo Waste to Energy plant that will supply energy straight to grid.

For further references and information on our services please get in touch.

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