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Oil & Gas Inspection - SQS

Issued with all technical content reviewed to the degree of detail enabling the recipient to fully appreciate the actions taken and the results obtained. Supporting documents and photographs are supplied accordingly as standard.

Reports can be issued in many different formats and are issued through various IT systems tailored to clients project requirements. 

Inspection Reports

Issued within 24hrs from date of visit

Expediting Reports

Issued within 24hrs from date of visit or contact

Quality System Audit 

Issued within 5 working days 

Carbon Footprint Tracker 

This report is issued with every visit showing exactly how choosing SQS local inspectors has improved our clients carbon footprint.

It takes all aspects into consideration and shows the difference made from the client not attending themselves.

Flash Reporting

If an area of concern is encountered during a visit, the client will be contacted directly by telephone or email (depending on the client’s preference and time difference) to advise them of the area of concern and establish any remedial action that could be taken with immediate effect.


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Excellent report, pleased to see this guy is now on the case for us with these critical equipment deliveries.

Expediting Report

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