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Expediting Services

SQS has a global network of expediting specialists ensuring that every aspect of production is monitored & reviewed, to ensure our clients projects are delivered on time & in budget. 


SQS EXPEDITORS - Highly Skilled in Manufacturing Processes


Expediting Reports are issued within 24 hours of visiting any manufacturers.

If an area of concern is encountered during a visit, the client will be contacted directly by telephone or email (depending on the client’s preference and timezone) to advise them of the area of concern and establish any remedial action that could be taken with immediate effect.

SQS SUPPORT - 24/7 365 days a year

Client satisfaction is paramount to SQS and so we believe it is important to assist the project teams in every way we can.

  • SUPPORT LINE - available 24/7 365 days a year, ensuring our clients can contact us in any emergency.

  • BUDGET CONTROL - when budgets are set on a project SQS monitor costs and report expenditure on a regular basis to ensure no overspending occurs.


SQS has 30 years experience in Expediting and have built a robust procedure and guidelines for expediting clients suppliers.

SQS is a global SME, offering expediting services to ensure that every aspect of our clients production is monitored and reviewed to ensure that all elements are examined and considered and that projects are delivered on time and in budget.

Sterling Quality Services has a global network of local experts, specialists in expediting projects, working with manufacturers to identify delays and potential problems with a view to a proactive solution and initiating remedial action.


If delays occur in the manufacturing process, SQS expediting service ensures milestones for recovery are established with the supplier, and a system of monitoring determined.

Client satisfaction is paramount to SQS and so we believe it is important to assist the project teams in every way we can.

Even though our expeditors are local to the manufacturing site we do always offer additional remote expediting where needed to assist with remedial action and in turn improve the carbon footprint of the assignment.


24/7 - 365 DAYS A YEAR


Year Established


Operating in over 48 countries


Contractors Appointed


Support 24/7, 360 days a yr

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